History Of Slot Machines

Slot machines have a fascinating and intriguing history. The history of slot machines is essential to understanding the true wonder of the free slot machines we have today. So let’s go on a journey of discovery and check out how interesting this topic is.

Who invented the slot machine? The answer is not so simple. Its basic form began around the late 1800 when Charles Fey of California created a primitive forerunner to what we know as video poker.  The machine had a spinning mechanism with a payline that displayed playing cards to the player and paid out if the five reels showed up a legitimate poker hand such as a two-pair, straight or flush. But because this type of machine had such a complicated payout system, it was difficult to manufacture these machines on a grander scale.

The slot machines we know today were in fact a product of Fey’s second invention, which used a similar spinning reel mechanism , but actually involved the symbols we are familiar with today: horseshoes, diamonds, spades and hearts, and a Liberty bell, which is what the slot machine was named too. The Liberty Bell slot machine became popular because it was simpler than the automatic poker machine and was mass produced around 1907 as it swept the United States with its popularity.

The slot machines that are found in casinos today are not in fact mechanical like the ones in the past, and pulling the lever is simply a throwback to the past rather than a mechanical necessity. The machines are digital, and were invented in the 1970s. From there, software designers in the 1990s created virtual slot machines which you can play on for free today.